Cabinets & Counters

We are an authorized dealer of Waypoint Cabinetry, offering quality products and accessories. We can help with the process of designing, pricing, ordering, availability, measurements and installation questions, as well as delivering to your home or job site.BACK TO TOP


We carry a wide range of concrete product: 80lb concrete mix, mason mix and other bagged products. Rebar, snap ties, spreader cleats, tie wire, anchors, tools, sealers, standard blocks, retaining wall blocks, stepping, edging, pavers, accessories and more.BACK TO TOP


We stock and order new construction and replacement doors for builders, do-it-yourselfers, and home owners. We also supply garage doors, door knobs, and other door accessories. Our sales team can help you with pricing, availability, measurements and installation questions.BACK TO TOP


We carry electrical supplies with a wide range of products including lighting, breakers, fuses, wires, outlets, switches, covers, tools, and more.BACK TO TOP


We carry a large selection of fasteners for construction, industrial, and home projects, including air nailers, bolts, nuts, washers, screws, lags, anchors, hangers and much more. We also have all the hand and power tools to drive them.BACK TO TOP


We carry Simpson Strong Tie hangers and other builders hardware for construction, and home projects.BACK TO TOP


We offer an Insulation solution for any residential or commercial project. Our building insulation products help lower heating and cooling bills and create more comfortable living environments year-round. Our stock consists of R-11 through R-38, Ridgid Foam Insulation, as well as Metal Building Insulation.BACK TO TOP


We offer quality dimensional lumber in 2X4-2X12, and in 8'-20' lengths in engineered and pressure treated wood products. We also supply posts in 4X4-6X8 in many grades from pressure treated to kiln dried. We have Hardwoods in many species, 1X pines, cedar, hemlock, furring strips and more. Here is a detailed list of our wood selection.BACK TO TOP


We carry and order many types and profiles of mouldings and trim accessories in Hemlock, MDF, FJP, Oak, and more.BACK TO TOP


We offer PPG Pittsburgh Paints premium interior and exterior paints and primers, for residential repaints and new applications. We provide plenty of paint sundries and accessories as well as stains, putty, fillers, and more.BACK TO TOP


We provide the right residential and commercial plumbing supplies for plumbing contractors, remodelers and more. We can help you order bathtub and shower fixtures, and have PVC, CPVC, ABS, PEX, Cooper, both black and galvanized pipe, and fitings. Our list goes on to water heaters, toilets, bathroom kitchen sinks, fixtures, and more.BACK TO TOP


Our rated plywood sheathing panels are 4'X8'. We have OSB, CDX, ACX, Hardwoods, Particle board, Melamine, Masonite, Pressure Treated, and more, with thicknesses ranging from 1/8" to 1 1/8" depending on the product.Here is a detailed list of our wood selection.BACK TO TOP


We carry a wide range of roofing materials and accessories for contractors and homeowners. From sheet goods, shingles and metal roofing, to accessories like nails, drip edge, pipe jacks, vents, valley metal, felt, tar, and more.BACK TO TOP


We carry 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", and 5/8" thickness in 2X4, 4X4, 4X8, 4X12 sizes. We supply moisture guard sheetrock as well as accessories like tape, mud, texture, corners, tools, and more.BACK TO TOP


We carry and order many types of siding products from T1-11 sheeting to Lap sidings, fascia, gable trims and accessories and more for replacement jobs and builders' projects.BACK TO TOP


We sell new construction and replacement windows for builders, do-it-yourselfers, and home owners. Our sales team can help you with pricing, availability, measurements, and installation questions. BACK TO TOP